Facility Impacts 

Permanent Closure of an Abortion Facility in Port Charlotte, FL

The Center for Client Safety, formerly Reprotection, partnered with local sidewalk counselors who reported medical negligence by the facility’s abortionist Dr. Ali Azima. Alongside the local pro-life leaders, the Center filed a number of complaints with the Florida Department of Health’s Division of Medical Quality Assurance and Division of Health Quality Assurance. We also contacted state leaders and the Governor’s office because Dr. Azima was clearly a grave threat to women’s safety in their state. Soon after an investigation was opened by the Florida Department of Health, Dr. Azima closed the facility permanently and stopped practicing. 

Permanent Closure of an Abortion Facility and Abortionist’s License Suspended in Pensacola, FL

The Center for Client Safety, formerly Reprotection, spearheaded an investigation against the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola, the  only abortion facility in Northwest Florida. The facility closed and the medical license of the abortionists was suspended, Dr. Christopher Saputa.

Prevented Abortion Facility in Brighton, NY

Because of the Center for Client Safety, formerly Reprotection’s, investigation and partnership with legal counsel, a Planned Parenthood facility’s lease was terminated by Westfall Medical Realty so that they would not be able to occupy the South Clinton Avenue, Brighton premises. The Center advised the people of Brighton to pursue a lawsuit that questioned the adverse effect on the town’s wastewater treatment systems of the abortion pill protocol which causes the mother to expel the baby days after leaving the abortion clinic and the impact of disposing of the children’s remains in the sewer system by the abortion facility.

Prevented Abortion Facility in Henrietta, NY

The Center for Client Safety, formerly Reprotection, joined alongside local New York pro-life citizens to write accurate, research-based information that went before the town board of Henrietta, New York prior to their vote on granting a special use permit to Planned Parenthood that would have allowed them to open in a local plaza. In a 3-2 decision, the board denied the permit. In a state that continues to be hostile towards pro-life efforts and very much abortion friendly, our victories in Brighton and Henrietta provide the effectiveness of Reprotection’s strategy.

Holding Abolitionist Accountable in Muncie, IN

A complaint filed by the Center for Client Safety, formerly Reprotection, with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office resulted in fines for abortionist Dr. James Pendergraft, owner of the Orlando Women’s Center, for falsely advertising that it operated in Indiana. This resulted in a civil penalty fine of $9,000 for violating the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

Policy Impacts

Kentucky Omnibus Pro-Life Bill 

Montana Abortion Facility Licensing Bill