(December 15, 2020 – Indianapolis, Indiana) A complaint filed by Reprotection, Inc. with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office has resulted in fines for a Florida abortionist. Earlier in the year, Reprotection lodged a complaint against James Pendergraft, owner of the Orlando Women’s Center for falsely advertising that it operated in Indiana.

The complaint led to legal action brought by Attorney General Hill against the Florida based abortion vendor. This resulted in a civil penalty fine of $9,000 for violating the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

“The abortion industry has never been forthcoming with women, and here’s just one more example,” said Cathie Humbarger, CEO of Reprotection. “Thanks to the thorough investigation by Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and his office, Hoosier women will no longer be deceived by Dr. James Pendergraft and his Florida abortion business.”

Reprotection, Inc. filed the complaint after discovering webpages by the Florida abortion business claiming to do abortions in various Indiana cities, including Muncie. Further, the advertising inferred that the dangerous chemical abortion pill could be administered in one day, which is not in compliance with FDA guidelines.

An investigation by the Attorney General’s office found Orlando Women’s Center was not licensed to do abortions in Indiana, did not do abortions within the state, or partner with any Indi

ana abortion facilities. In addition to the fine, the offenders must cease all advertising claims that they operate in Indiana.

“Indiana legislators have been very purposeful in designing state abortion licensing requirements to protect women,” explained Humbarger. “We were very suspicious of the Florid

a abortion clinic’s claims. Their deceptive advertising sought to take advantage of Indiana women and could have put health and safety at risk. Our organization exists to hold abortion businesses accountable. We will continue to be vigilant in order to levy justice on the abuses of women by the abortion industry.”

Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society applauded Humbarger and Reprotection, Inc. for their work.

“It is essential that those who value life serve as watchdogs for women and children who m

ay be vulnerable to the deceits regularly perpetrated by the abortion industry,” said Brejcha. “Sadly, those who seek to take the lives of preborn babies for profit also have demonstrated a consistent disregard for the health and safety of the women they claim to serve. Reprotection, Inc. should be commended for helping to hold this abortion vendor accountable for lying to the public.”

Read the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance issued on December 7, 2020, by the State of Indiana in the Marion County Circuit/Superior Court in the matter of Orlando Women’s Center, LLC, and Dr. James Pendergraft, here.

Read the Order Approving Assurance of Voluntary Compliance signed December 8, 2020 here.