Once again, Reprotection helped to halt the opening of a Planned Parenthood in upstate New York.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, the town board of Henrietta, New York gathered to discuss granting a special use permit to Planned Parenthood that would have allowed them to open in a local plaza.

Reprotection came alongside local New York pro-life citizens and helped write accurate, research-based information that went before the town board prior to the vote. The pro-life advocates were able to present the strongest arguments at the town board meetings as to why Planned Parenthood should not be allowed to open in the zone they had requested. A local New York attorney was also utilized to provide fantastic legal advice to all of those involved. Because of all these combined efforts, the concerned pro-life citizens were able to present an effective and clear case to the town board.

A 3-2 decision was returned the following Thursday morning against the abortion business, voting to deny their permit.

The decision came after Reprotection also helped get Planned Parenthood’s lease terminated at their Brighton, NY location earlier this year – click here to read that story.

Reprotection has helped successfully organized efforts to accomplish another victory at the local level in New York – a state that continues to be hostile towards pro-life efforts and very much abortion friendly. The victory further proves that even in states with no abortion regulations, the abortion industry believes they are above every law and are consistently seeking special favor. So, Reprotection can still shut them down.