As a local pro-life advocate, you are aware of dangerous behavior happening at the abortion facility in your area. You may have clients that come to your pregnancy center upset, angry, confused, and hurt by what they experienced. Contact Center for Client Safety with violations you see in or around your nearest abortion clinic.


Armed with your information, Center for Client Safety takes the case and finds out exactly what laws were broken, who is responsible, and what is the most strategic way forward. Your information is a launching pad to uncover wrongdoing and build a case.


Once we have built our case, it’s time for targeted action and relentless follow-up. Whether we suspend a license, shut down a facility, or stop a new building project, Center for Client Safety carries out a plan to get results.

We keep the pressure on until abortion providers are held accountable for appropriate health, safety, and legal standards. With your help, many investigations continue.

Shut down abortion facilities



I want to commend Reprotection because they are onto something important. It’s a game-changer.
Dr. Donna Harrison CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Reprotection is the missing link of the pro-life movement.
David Bereit Founder, of 40 Days For Life
The Reprotection team is a phenomenal partner to pregnancy help centers in their pursuit of justice for the women we serve.
Jor-El Godsey President of Heartbeat International
Reprotection is the go-to for our Sidewalk Advocates, who inevitably come across disturbing, unethical practices while reaching out to mothers in crisis at the abortion facility. Without their expertise, we wouldn’t know how to navigate these concerning situations and hold the abortion industry accountable. Their thorough assistance has allowed us to focus more on serving families in need, thereby saving more preborn children.
Lauren Muzyka President and CEO, Sidewalk Advocates for Life
We are grateful for the powerful resource the Reprotection team brings to our shared goal of shutting down dangerous abortion vendors by holding them accountable to the law. The proven strategy of Reprotection, simply collecting and analyzing information about shoddy abortionists and determining the best action to hold them accountable, makes them perfect partners to empower and deploy the thousands of students across the country who are Students for Life activists.
Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life of America


2 Abortion Businesses Shut Down
2 Abortion Facilities Stopped
2 Abortionists' Licenses Suspended