While proponents of abortion frequently argue that the practice empowers women to make decisions about their futures, Reprotection is well aware that, far too often, abusers and criminals use abortion as a tool to exploit women. 

Tragically, the staff at abortion facilities, who are in a unique position to save women trapped in dangerous situations by reporting their abusers, often choose to look the other way. Abortion facility staffers have been caught or have been suspected of failing to report instances of human trafficking, statutory rape, or sexual assault. 

That’s why Reprotection is hopeful that a bill introduced by North Carolina Sen. Ted Budd will hold the abortion industry accountable for aiding and abetting crimes against women. The legislation, titled Stopping Traffickers and Their Accomplices Act, would require abortion providers to notify the National Human Trafficking Hotline if the provider suspects a woman is a victim of trafficking. 

Abortion providers who fail to report their suspicions of human trafficking within 24 hours of consulting with a woman could face a fine of $10,000, imprisonment, or both. 

“Human trafficking is a horrific crime that must be confronted and eradicated,” Budd told The Daily Signal. “Given the nature of how abortion clinics operate, it is necessary to provide needed accountability to ensure they are not aiding and abetting the abuse of women enslaved in the sex trade.”

According to a 2014 study published by Annals of Health Law, 55% of sex trafficking victims were forced to undergo abortions, and 30% were forced to have more than one. One survivor told the study authors her trafficker took her to Planned Parenthood for one of her six abortions “because they didn’t ask any questions.”

Live Action, an organization that educates the public about pro-life topics and illegal abortion industry practices, has released multiple undercover videos showing abortion facility workers enabling human trafficking. In some of the footage, the workers were willing to help cover up sex 

crimes committed against underage girls. 

As an organization that exists to hold abortion facilities accountable, Reprotection has received multiple reports of older men bringing young girls to abortion facilities. Such cases must be properly investigated to determine if the girls in these situations are victims of human trafficking or sexual abuse. 

While the abortion industry claims to care for women, the failure to report sexual violence against women certainly contradicts that narrative.

If you’re a sidewalk advocate or someone who lives within the vicinity of an abortion facility, and you witness a suspicious pairing entering an abortion clinic, we encourage you to contact local law enforcement or Child Protective Services.