Abortion is hailed as an exercise of freedom by those who subscribe to a brand of toxic feminism. But the sad truth is that it’s often used as a sick coverup tool by abusers and criminals. Sex trafficking and other abuse are hideous crimes that are often very difficult to detect… which is one reason why parental consent prior to abortion is an important law that can save young girls.

Sex trafficking and other sexual abuses are major problems in our society. It’s estimated that internationally there are between 20 million and 40 million people victimized by human trafficking, the majority of which is sexual in nature. In America, the Department of Justice reports that 1 in 4 women are sexually abused in their lifetime.

Despite such prevalence, sexual abuse remains a hidden crime. One particular industry is uniquely capable of catching sex criminals in the act and saving young women from dangerous situations… yet they choose to look the other way in exchange for cash. The abortion industry is regularly suspected of and caught covering up for pimps, men guilty of incest and statutory rape, and other abusers.

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Live Action, a pro-life news and investigative organization, has recorded multiple undercover videos of Planned Parenthood facilities enabling adult men to secretly pay for the abortions of younger female counterparts. Watch the playlist of undercover footage here.

This phenomenon is not just some far-off anomaly that Live Action happened to stumble upon; here at Reprotection, we get our share of phone calls reporting young girls being brought to abortion facilities by adult men. It’s reported alarmingly frequently, and we properly investigate every single case that’s brought to our attention through all appropriate channels.

Avid followers of pro-life news may recall the shocking 2019 story of an Indiana abortionist named Ulrich Klopfer who was found after his death to have hoarded the bodies of over 2,200 aborted babies on his property. Klopfer had his medical license suspended in 2016 for repeatedly failing to report abortions committed on minors (among other grisly infractions). According to the local South Bend Tribune in 2016, he was constantly being investigated for violations such as:

  • Not having properly qualified staff present during patient sedation
  • Errors on state-mandated abortion reports
  • Late submissions on several reports of abortions sold to girls aged 13 or younger
  • Unqualified staff members providing pre-abortion information and counseling to patients

In 2012, the South Bend Tribune published an article noting that Klopfer’s South Bend facility was charged with many deficiencies. They reported, “… nine inspectors conduct more than 500 surveys a year, and no inspector focuses solely on abortion clinics, of which there are nine in Indiana. For the 2012 survey cycle, clinics averaged three to 14 deficiencies. According to 2012 survey results, Klopfer’s South Bend clinic had deficiencies in nine categories. In 2010, there had been 36, according to the survey report.”

Klopfer was known as Indiana’s “most prolific” abortionist. Yet his facilities were atrocious and he cared very little about proper documentation, hygiene, and safety. What finally got his medical license suspended was being caught by Reprotection founder, Cathie Humbarger, disregarding the sexual abuse of minors by failing to report their abortions.

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Indiana state law dictates that all medical personnel are “mandatory reporters.” That is, if they have reason to suspect sexual abuse, they are required to report it to the appropriate authorities. An abortion facility has clear evidence of abuse the moment they confirm a pregnancy and inquire as to the age(s) of the client(s). Yet they are caught time and time again ignoring the crime.

For a large population of vulnerable women whose exact number is unknown, freedom from human trafficking could’ve been possible had abortion staff not been negligent. Instead, they choose to be complicit in modern-day slavery. For an industry supposedly rooted in women’s rights, this is a strange choice.

If you are outside of an abortion facility and you see a suspicious pairing (i.e. a female minor and adult male), please report it. Depending on your state, immediately call your state Child Protective Services (note: the title may differ) or your state police.