Starting this fall, a groundbreaking effort to abolish abortion at the community level is coming to a town near you. The project is called The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, and Reprotection is pleased to be a part of it. Spearheaded by Students for Life of America, the campaign seeks to literally abolish abortion city by city in a strategic, targeted effort.

Students for Life says of the campaign: “We know lives are on the line. 2,300 innocent children are lost every day through the violence of abortion. That is 2,300 women every day who were left unconnected to life-affirming resources. The solution? You. We don’t have to wait for politicians to act. Whether you have been in the movement for decades or you’re brand-new, we can end abortion right where we live…if we work together.Together, we can save lives, change minds, and recruit thousands to join us as we shut down abortion facilities and make our cities Abortion Free.”

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There are a few core aspects of the campaign. Door knocking with life-affirming resources, having conversations that change the minds of those targeted by the abortion industry, and working to shut down abortion businesses are at the heart of it. Shutting down abortion businesses is where Reprotection comes in.

Because Reprotection is an expert in abortion facility investigation, we’ve partnered with Students for Life of America to help close facilities in the Abortion Free City targets (there are 20 nationwide). Here’s how it’ll go…

  1. Campaign for Abortion Free Cities activists will identify an abortion facility.
  2. Students for Life of America will connect those local pro-life leaders to Reprotection.
  3. Reprotection will use all available investigative channels and implement our proven strategies

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to hold abortion faciltiies legally accountable for their crimes. Even in these cases, Reprotection will partner with Students for Life to take all possible action to expose rogue facilities and drive business away from them.

The impact of The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities has already been unprecedented. Students for Life, whose volunteers have been knocking doors since March of this year, have already reported:

  • Knocking on over 71,300 doors to share life-saving resources
  • Initiating over 5,000 conversations about abortion
  • Changing over 250 minds about abortion
  • And saving 10 babies!

And that’s all prior to the “official” launch on September 21st, 2021. Reprotection is looking forward to diving into this large-scale abortion facility investigative effort. If you are a pro-life advocate in one of the campaign’s target cities, we look forward to partnering with you to close your nearest abortion facility and ultimately make your city abortion free.

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