“The bed was saturated with blood and there were several

pools of blood on the exam room floor.”

PENSACOLA, FL – August 2, 2022 – Reprotection, a national pro-life watchdog group, assisted in the suspension of a medical license against abortionist, Dr. Christopher Saputa. Saputa was a doctor at the American Family Planning clinic in Pensacola, Florida where just a few short months ago, Reprotection was the driving force behind an investigation that helped lead to an emergency suspension of this Pensacola abortion clinic’s license, shutting them down.

The July 13th report shows a damning look into Saputa’s incompetent medical experience and a lack of training as a gynecological surgeon: “Dr. Saputa is not a trained gynecological surgeon.” The report continues, “An independent medical expert reviewed Dr. Saputa’s curriculum vitae and determined that Dr. Saputa does not have the education, training, or experience to be competent to perform gynecological surgeries or procedures and that his continued performance of these surgeries is a public safety hazard.”

The report goes on to include various incidents where Saputa failed to provide proper medical care to three individual patients. These three patients nearly died from negligence due to their complications after their abortion procedures took place, with Dr. Saputa failing to respond with life-saving care for these women because a lack of emergency protocol was not put in place, among many other protocols.

Patient 1 (K.J.) – K.J was a 27-year-old woman who was 20 weeks pregnant, came to Dr. Saputa for an abortion. The report tells us that:

  • “Dr. Saputa did not meet with Patient K.J. in person at least 24 hours before the procedure … to discuss the nature and risks of the procedure.”
  • Dr. Saputa did not review the sonogram and did not perform a pelvic examination.
  • Dr. Saputa failed to document the patient’s vitals during the procedure.

Soon after, patient K.J experienced repeated vaginal bleeding. The report shockingly reveals that once she was at the hospital, “During the emergency surgery, surgeons observed two cervical lacerations, a lower uterine perforation that opened into the abdomen, and a larger tear in the left lower uterine segment.” Dr. Saputa did not follow up with the patient, nor did he report these complications to Agency for Healthcare Administration as required.

Patient 2 (D.W.) – D.W. was a 22-year-old woman who was around 12 weeks pregnant that came to Dr. Saputa for an abortion. The same procedural negligence in patient 1’s report, were also almost identical here in the lack of care given. In this instance, Dr. Saputa did not document a large teratoma that was located on D.W.’s ovary. A week later, patient D.W. went to the hospital in septic shock where physicians performed an emergency abdominal laparoscopy and discovered the teratoma (a type of tumor). Experts reviewed this case and argued that “… the only reasonable medical conclusion is that Dr. Saputa punctured patient D.W.’s uterus during either the cervical insertion or evacuation procedure, and then also punctured the teratoma, resulting in inflammation, followed by sepsis.”

Patient 3 (D.C.) – D.C. was a 36-year-old woman who was around 19 weeks pregnant, acquiring an abortion from Dr. Saputa. Again, the same procedural negligence in patient 1 and 2’s reports were almost identical in the lack of care given to patient 3. D.C. had two prior c-sections, and it should have been suggested to not use high doses of misoprostol (a drug often used to empty the uterus through cramps and bleeding) because of this prior medical history. American College of OBGYNs recommends patients not take more than 2,400 µg of this drug in 24 hours. However, patient D.C. received a total of 5,600 µg of misoprostol in 6 hours. Dr. Saputa had ultimately ruptured D.C.’s uterine and she had lost so much blood, that surgeons estimated she was merely minutes away from death when she arrived at a hospital in Alabama, where Dr. Saputa advised the patient to go. Saputa mentioned to the patient’s husband that she was “fine” he said, despite passing out in the car and making “gurgling” sounds.

“The irreparable harm done to these women is a direct result of American Family Planning and Dr. Saputa’s dismal medical standards,” said Missy Martinez-Stone, CEO of Reprotection. “Both parties should be permanently banned from medicine.”

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