Reprotection recently played an important role in the creation of a new bill that would ban the disposal of fetal remains in public waterways. After sidewalk counselors discovered a sewage leak at an abortion business, Reprotection was called to investigate. The local pro-life advocates discovered what looked like medical waste had clogged the system and was flowing into the street.

As a result, the Reprotection team called on Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks to help address the growing concern of mishandled medical waste by the abortion industry. Rep. Banks introduced federal legislation called “The Dignity for Fetal Remains Act of 2022.” This bill would ban abortion providers from placing fetal remains, embryos, or medical waste associated with abortions into any kind of device that connects to a public waterway (such as a toilet, sink, or disposal).

CEO of Reprotection, Missy Martinez- Stone says, “I am thankful that the Reprotection team can play a pivotal role in respecting the remains of an aborted baby. This bill is common-sense, public safety legislation. The abortion industry needs to follow the same health standards as any other medical facility that is disposing of medical waste.”

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