A Chicago abortion facility with a history of malpractice, including the wrongful death of a 13-year-old girl, called 911 after a woman who had been sedated with a powerful drug didn’t wake up after a surgical abortion. 

911 records provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League show that, on December 6, 2022, the Family Planning Associates clinic sedated the woman with propofol, a fast-acting drug administered intravenously. 

According to the University of Chicago Medicine Center, propofol can “cause a decrease in blood pressure, it can depress or even stop breathing, and it can cause pain on injection.” Propofol is “stronger than other drugs,” and because of the side effects associated with it, the drug is only be used by people trained to administer anesthesia. 

After the Chicago abortion facility used propofol to put the 35-year-old woman under, she failed to wake up from the procedure as expected. According to the nurse on the 911 call, 40 minutes had gone by since the abortion, and the woman still had not woken up. 

And, because the abortion facility’s reputation was clearly the most pressuring issue at the moment, the nurse asked if emergency personnel could please make sure to collect the woman at the loading dock instead of the clinic’s front entrance. 

Considering the facility’s history, the fact that they endangered another woman is sadly not surprising. 

In 1992, Deanna Bell was only 13 years old when she died after undergoing a second-trimester surgical abortion. Then, in 2000, 22-year-old Maria Rodriquez died of massive hemorrhaging, reportedly due to the perforation of her uterus during a second-trimester abortion at 18 weeks. 

One of the abortionists at the Family Planning Associates clinic, Allison Cowett, has had ten medical malpractice claims filed against her by former patients. 

This is the horrific reality of legal abortion – unscrupulous providers are allowed to skirt the law, facing zero accountability for the women they hurt or kill. That’s why Reprotection knows we must remain diligent in performing the job that law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities have neglected to do for years. 

And if you personally have witnessed an abortion facility violating the law, or if you have been the victim of malpractice at a clinic, report it to us. We’ll take on the case, exposing the seedy abortion facility’s wrongdoings and ensuring that it can never wrong another woman again.