Abortion is a dirty business – and not just because the abortion industry makes their billions by exterminating innocent people. A wise man once said, “You can’t practice vice virtuously.” No one in their right mind should expect this type of business to operate in an upstanding manner. Abortion facilities nationwide, both Planned Parenthoods and “off-brand” varieties, are constantly caught breaking laws and hurting women.

Our Mission

Reprotection was founded as a result of an unregulated abortion industry despite the passage of pro-life laws. We exist to help pro-life advocates protect women and children from harm by investigating and closing down dangerous abortion businesses. The abortion industry is predatory; they take advantage of people during moments of crisis and profit from their pain and loss. Endangering women’s safety in the process due to negligence is beyond adding insult to injury.

Our Logo

The design of the Reprotection logo is no accident. It depicts a shield with a lion and a lamb. The shield, of course, is a symbol of protection against harm. The lamb represents the victims of the abortion industry. Most prominently, this is the preborn babies who are wholly defenseless against those who seek to destroy them. But it also includes the women who are betrayed and sold a lie about the reality of abortion. The lion, however, has power to protect the lamb.

Our Team

Cathie Humbarger is a seasoned veteran of the pro-life movement. She is heavily involved in the pro-life community of northern Indiana, including serving in leadership roles for Allen County Right to Life and Right to Life of Northeastern Indiana. Cathie is a well-known force when it comes to investigating dangerous abortion businesses. She is responsible for spearheading efforts that closed three abortion facilities in Indiana, and she brings that experience (and more) to Reprotection.

Missy Stone is also an experienced activist, having worked full-time for Students for Life of America for six years before joining the Reprotection team. Missy also served on the board of directors of Choices Women’s Center in Fredericksburg, VA, heading up their Student Outreach committee and helping the pregnancy center grow their presence at the local high schools and colleges. Missy helped launch Reprotection, where she now serves as the Director of Operations and Senior Analyst.

The abortion industry has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted to govern themselves… Yet that’s exactly how many authoritative entities want it to be. A scene from the film Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer provides great insight as to why this is. When a police investigator discovers the horrors within Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion facility, she presents the case to a judge. Upon realizing the case pertains to abortion, the judge shuts it down immediately, declaring that she wants nothing to do with infringing on abortion access (even though Gosnell killed a woman and countless born-alive infants, alongside a myriad of safety, hygiene, personnel, and other transgressions).

Keeping women safe from abortion businesses that care nothing for their clients’ well-being should be a goal shared by everyone – pro-life and pro-choice alike. Women deserve so much better.

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You can also get involved by visiting your local abortion business and letting us know if you see anything suspicious. Examples include ambulance visits, underage clients, obvious mishandling of fetal remains, abortionist not present on abortion days, etc. Even if you see something not included in this list, but it seems questionable, let us know! We can help determine if it requires a deeper dive. Keep in mind: photos, videos, and written details are helpful.

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