Florida, despite having a pro-life governor, has a problem with dangerous abortion facilities running amok. Reprotection has been hard at work for months trying to bring FOUR serious allegations of unsafe practices at Florida abortion facilities to the attention of regulatory entities (namely, the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA)) to no avail.

Click here to petition Governor DeSantis and his AHCA to finally investigate these claims.

We know why our calls for help have gone unanswered because it’s the same reason unsafe abortion facilities across the rest of the nation go unchecked. Abortion is filthy and ugly and no one wants to deal with it… even if it would mean keeping women safer.

Below, read the actual letter we sent urging action on these dangerous facilities…


Deputy Counselor,

We are contacting your office on behalf of many Florida residents with an extremely pressing matter.

It has come to our attention that members of the Agency for Healthcare Administration (ACHA) have acted in a way that not only is in direct conflict with their purpose but disregards the authority of the Florida legislature and does not reflect Governor DeSantis’s values. We have sought reconciliation at every level to no avail, and are turning to your office for assistance in resolving this matter.

Although the issue of abortion can be highly sensationalized, we are not dealing with “normal” abortion concerns. The health and lives of women in Florida are at risk.

In four different documented instances, divisions within AHCA have shown a complete disregard for the patients it is supposed to protect. And when challenged on this behavior, they responded with open hostility to those seeking help. All culminating in an apparent unwillingness to enforce the Florida statutes passed by the legislators and signed into law by the Governor.

Most recently, we discovered Dr. Ali Azima, an 87-year-old abortionist, operating a non-licensed abortion facility. Florida law requries abortion facilities to be licensed (Title XXIX. Public Health § 390.014). A review of disciplinary actions filed against his medical license documents a number of botched abortions, which resulted in irreparable harm to women and his license was previously suspended. Yet he is practicing again. He has recently endangered the lives of multiple patients with accidental lacerations, not appropriately treating breathing problems, and an inability to hold his hands steady enough to insert a needle or hold surgical instruments. He also showed confidential medical records to a non-authorized person in violation of the federal HIPAA law.

Eye-witness testimonies were submitted to both AHCA’s Division of Health Quality Assurance and Division of Medical Quality Assurance. The Division of Health Quality Assurance found “no violations” even after confirming to the complainants that his facility was not licensed. And the Division of Medical Quality Assurance refused to investigate the matter stating they did not have “regulatory authority.”

Other complaints have been filed against Orlando Women’s Center and Pensacola’s American Family Planning for documented violations and dangerous medical care given with no action taken by the overseeing agencies.

We are extremely concerned that it is only a matter of time before a patient dies at the hands of physicians practicing outside the law that the legislators and your office work so hard to uphold.

Is it possible to set up a time to speak with you about our concerns?

I look forward to hearing from you.




Fortunately, since the time of sending our letter, the aged Dr. Azima decided to close his unlicensed practice of his own will and stop harming women. Though a victory for Florida women and children, it was still a failure on the part of Florida’s healthcare regulation which refused to step in prior to the problem disappearing more or less on its own (after a bit of pressure from Reprotection).

Abortion facilities are known for focusing on profits over safety and they cannot be trusted to oversee themselves. While there are several laws seeking to save lives by setting basic health & safety procedures for abortion facilities, these laws do nothing at all if Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t call on The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) to enforce them.

Thank you for helping us to encourage Governor DeSantis to stand for life by demanding the AHCA which he oversees to investigate the shocking accusations of negligence and violence against abortion facilities in Florida.