As of May 1st, 2024, Florida joined the ranks of pro-life states which have enacted six-week bans on abortion. This new law is more than just a legislative triumph; it affirms that many still recognize the fundamental truth that every human life, regardless of its stage of development, deserves to be cherished and protected.

As we celebrate this victory, it is essential to recognize that every pro-life law is only effective in saving lives if it is enforced. This is the reason the Center for Client Safety is so critically important. Our goal is to save the lives of preborn children and to protect their mothers from harm by exposing the unlawful actions of abortion providers.

Through diligent investigation and oversight, we hold abortion facilities accountable to state and local laws. Because the abortion industry exists to end the lives of innocent children at the expense of their mothers’ health and safety, it is no surprise that many abortion facilities pay little attention to the letter of the law. From falsifying test results to violating HIPAA regulations to ignoring basic health and safety standards, we tenaciously work to make sure the proper authorities investigate and take action against seedy abortion businesses.

Using this strategy, we have closed abortion businesses and stopped abortionists from practicing their deadly trade. If our partners in pregnancy resource centers and on the sidewalks outside of clinics learn that Florida’s new law, or any other laws, are not being enforced, the Center for Client Safety will be there.

While we celebrate Florida’s courageous step towards protecting the unborn, pro-lifers must remain vigilant. While the abortion rates are dropping in states like Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma, they are skyrocketing in states like California, Illinois and others that have no restrictions on abortion or oversight of abortion facilities. 

The strength of the Center for Client Safety’s strategy is that it can work anywhere, including the most pro-abortion states. In such states, it is still illegal to falsify test results, traffic women, and ignore health and safety standards – all of which are much too common in the abortion industry. We work to uncover every law that is broken by abortion businesses so they are held accountable. Florida’s six-week abortion ban is a cause for celebration, but we must not forget that enforcement is integral to building a culture of life.

The vision of the Center for Client Safety is to close every abortion business. In doing so, we will achieve our mission of protecting vulnerable women and children from harm. Together, we can create a future where compassion triumphs over convenience, and where the rights of every person, from conception to natural death,  are upheld and respected.