Supreme Court Unanimously Allows Continued Unrestricted Access to Abortion Pill, Leaves Door Open for Future Challenges.

Last Thursday, June 13, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the plaintiffs in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine Ruling lacked standing in their suit, allowing chemical abortions to continue, unrestricted.  The Associated Press stated, “The justices ruled that abortion opponents lacked the legal right to sue over the federal Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the medication, mifepristone, and the FDA’s subsequent actions to ease access to it.”

The lack of oversight of these dangerous drugs puts women’s health at risk. While this ruling is bad news, there’s a glimmer of hope because the case was decided on a legal technicality rather than the FDA’s actions. The ruling left open the possibility that others, perhaps states, might have standing in a case challenging the FDA’s handling of abortion pills. 

The High Court did, however, give pro-life physicians a religious liberty win. Attorneys for the plaintiffs (The Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, a consortium of pro-life physicians) had argued that physicians may be required to perform emergency abortions due to the high failure and complication rate of chemical abortions. The Court stated, “[F]ederal conscience laws definitively protect doctors from being required to perform abortions or to provide other treatment that violates their consciences.”

The Center for Client Safety is actively investigating several cases involving the improper and, possibly, illegal trafficking of deadly abortion pills. There is growing evidence that the abortion pill regime is incredibly dangerous, with many women reporting harmful side effects and complications. The FDA has failed women by choosing to bow to the wishes of the abortion industry rather than protecting them from what is known to be an incredibly dangerous drug. Women deserve better.