An abortion chain with a long history of health and safety violations just opened another facility in New Mexico, announcing that it plans to commit abortions throughout the second trimester, with a “starting goal” of 75 patients each week. 

The Whole Woman’s Health abortion facility in New Mexico intends to commit surgical abortions up to 18 weeks gestational, with plans to eventually conduct abortions up to 24 weeks gestation. By 24 weeks, a baby is old enough to potentially survive outside of the womb if provided with proper medical care. 

“Tomorrow marks nine months to the day that we were forced to shutter our Texas clinical operations; today we are once again able to provide abortion care to New Mexicans, Oklahomans and to the communities we served for 20 years in Texas,” Amy Hagstrom Miller, President and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, stated in a March 23 press release.

“As we open our doors to both local communities and those forced to migrate from other states for care, we remain unbelievably grateful for the thousands of supporters from around the world that came together to make this clinic a reality.” 

Following the overturn of Roe v. Wade this summer, Whole Woman’s Health clinics in Texas – including Austin, McAllen, Fort Worth and McKinney – shut down after the ruling reinstated a state law banning abortion.

“In these times when abortion rights, health, and justice are under attack, our Albuquerque clinic will serve as a safe haven for abortion care,” Marva Sadler, Senior Director of Clinical Services, stated in the press release. 

But women in the area deserve to know the truth about Whole Woman’s Health and how it has repeatedly put women’s lives in danger. Despite the abortion chain’s platitudes about caring for women, its Fort Worth clinic was caught failing to store properly store medications and prevent contamination. In addition, the staff didn’t even receive an annual performance evaluation to ensure they were competent to perform their jobs! 

The Whole Woman’s Health clinic in McAllen, Texas, was caught using expired medications and failing to maintain a sanitary environment. Another one of the chain’s clinics in Charlottesville, Virginia, had unlicensed staff administering narcotics and drawing up medications for women for 20 years. The facility also failed to obtain informed consent for abortions being performed on minors. 

Regulatory authorities have allowed the abortion chain to operate without proper scrutiny for far too long. Pro-choice or pro-life, everyone should be able to agree that putting women’s lives at risk for the sake of profit or other selfish reasons is wrong.